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Happy Pongal 2022 images and wishes | Happy Festival

India is a diverse country and a land of festivals where every festival is celebrated with full joy and enthusiasm. All festivals present our culture. It is the harvest festival. Pongal festival is dedicated to the sun god and corresponds to the Makar Sankranti. It is a four day long festival that falls in the month of ‘Thai’(January-February). These days are known as Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal, Mattu Pongal and Kaanum Pongal. The word ‘Pongal’ is derived from Tamil literature which means ‘to boil’. It’s an ancient festival in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu during the solar equinox after harvesting crops like sugarcane, turmeric, rice, etc. Although owing to the coronavirus pandemic, it might be difficult to meet your friends and family. You can still spread joy through these thoughtful Happy Pongal 2022 Images and wishes for this pongal.

First Day: Bhogi Pongal: This Day is celebrated in honour of Lord Indira(Lord of Rain). On this day, all useless items of households are dumped in a bonfire made of cow dung cakes and wood. 

Second Day: Surya/ Thai Pongal: on this day, as a ritual rice and milk are boiled together in an earthen pot along with sugarcane, banana, coconut and  turmeric plant is tied and offered to Sun God. Also, the traditional design “Kolam” is drawn on the doors of houses with lime powder. 

Third Day: Mattu Pongal: On this day, the cattle are adorned with bells, sheaves of corn and garlands and worshipped. It was believed that Lord Shiva asked his bull “ Basava” to go to Earth and asked people to have oil massages and bath daily and eat once a month. Basava mistakenly announced it oppositely as to eat daily and have bath and oil massage once a month.  Lord Shiva was enraged and banished Basava to stay on Earth permanently and plow the foods and help people producing more food on their land. 

Fourth Day: Kaanum Pongal: On this last day of pongal, women put leftover sweet Pongal and other food are set out in the courtyard on a washed turmeric leaf, along with betel leaves, betel nuts and sugar cane. Women carry out this ritual in the name of their brothers, asking for their prosperity.


The history of the festival is considered as the ‘Dravidian Harvest festival’ and can be traced back to the Sangam Age. But some historians claim that this festival dates back at least 2000 years old, celebrated as Thai Nadal. According to the legends, unmarried girls prayed for the agricultural prosperity of the country during this festival season.  Some stories are also associated with Pongal festival celebrations. The most popular legends of Pongal are stories related to Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna and Lord Indra.

Happy Pongal 2022 images and wishes | Happy Festival
Happy Pongal 2022 images and wishes | Happy Festival
Happy Pongal 2022 images and wishes | Happy Festival
Happy Pongal 2022 images and wishes | Happy Festival
Happy Pongal 2022 images and wishes | Happy Festival
Happy Pongal 2022 images and wishes | Happy Festival

Happy Pongal 2022 Wishes and Images

We have selected some of the best Happy New Pongal 2022 Images and wishes, which you can share with your friends and family on your social media profiles and instant messaging services such as Whatsapp.

  • “May the sweetness of jaggery, milk, and these dry fruits bring the sweetest wishes to you and your family. Happy Pongal”
  • “In this festive season may every color of love fill your home and heart with lots of happiness. Happy Pongal”
  • “On this auspicious day of the year do not forget to celebrate the gifts of life. Show your gratitude to the almighty for every blessing you have in your life. Happy Pongal” 
  • “May this harvest festival diminish all your worries and fears from your life and fill your heart with calm and healthy thoughts. Happy Pongal”
  • “Let us meet, greet and eat together with this auspicious decoration and beautiful kolams. Wish you a very Happy Pongal”
  • “May this auspicious day bring in good luck to your home and may success touch your feet. Happy Pongal”
  • “Wear the most beautiful kanjeevaram sari from your closet and celebrate this festival of happiness with love and joy. Happy Pongal”
  • “Sending you out the most fortunate warm wishes on the happy occasion of Pongal, have lots of fun and enjoy your every moment. Happy Pongal”
  • “Pongal is here, an occasion that will mark joy and happiness. So let’s celebrate this season with full enthusiasm & energy. Happy Pongal”
  • “On this bounteous occasion, May happiness come to you in all abundance. Happy Pongal”

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