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Happy onam 2022 images and wishes | Happy Festival

Onam is a harvesting festival mostly celebrated in Kerala. It marks the beginning of the Malayali New Year. It falls in the month of Chingam(August-september) after the monsoon ends in South India. It is a 10 days festival which brings all people together as a part of this popular cultural festival. The Happy Onam begins on the day known as Atham, and ends on the tenth day, known as Thiru Onam or Thiruvonam From the intricately decorated elephants to the wild Pulikali dancers, from the gigantic snake boats lined up at the shore to the gorgeous floral decorations, this festival paints the state in more colors than you can imagine. In the time span of 10 days, devotees bathe, offer prayers, wear traditional clothes in which women wear a white and gold saree called the Kasavu saree and participate in dance performances, draw flower rangolis called pookkalam and cook traditional feasts called sadya. People participate in boat races called Vallam Kali, Tiger dances called Pulikali, worship the God or Onathappan, Tug of War, Thumbi Thullal or women’s dance ritual, Mask dance or Kummattikali, Onathallu or martial arts, Onavillu/music, Onapottan (costumes), folk songs among other fun activities to make this festival more special and enjoyable. Although owing to the coronavirus pandemic, it might be difficult to meet your friends and family. You can still spread joy through these thoughtful Happy Onam 2022 Images and wishes for this onam.

Happy onam 2022 images and wishes | Happy Festival
Happy onam 2022 images and wishes | Happy Festival
Happy onam 2022 images and wishes | Happy Festival
Happy onam 2022 images and wishes | Happy Festival
Happy onam 2022 images and wishes | Happy Festival
Happy onam 2022 images and wishes | Happy Festival


According to mythology, Kerala was ruled by a demon king Mahabali who was very generous and kind-hearted and became popular among people. His popularity became a threat to all gods, Lord Vishnu stepped in as his fifth avatar in the form of dwarf Brahmin Vamana. Vamana demanded three feet of land for himself from King Mahabali. As his wish was fulfilled, he grew and covered the sky and earth in his two steps. When he was about to take his third step, the King stepped up and offered his head which led to his annual visit to his kingdom and people on the occasion of Happy Onam by Gods.

Happy Onam 2022 Wishes and Images

We have selected some of the best Happy Onam 2022 Images and wishes, which you can share with your friends and family on your social media profiles and instant messaging services such as Whatsapp.

  • May the spirit of Onam festival guide you, and light your way. Have a blessed Onam!
  • May the colour and lights of Onam fill happiness and prosperity in your home. Happy Onam!
  • May God bless you and fill your heart with joy & happiness. May the color and lights of Onam fill your house with happiness and joy. Happy Onam!
  • Onam is a perfect time for the family to bond. So this year’s Onam, I wish you and your family a good time. Happy Onam!
  • Like the bright flowers of pookalam, may your life be filled with bright and beautiful colours. Like the boat races of Onam, may you reach your destination with full determination. Like the elaborate feast of Onam Sadhya, may you enjoy good food every day. Happy Onam!
  • Keep the spirit of Onam in your hearts. May your home be filled with joy, love, and peace. Happy Onam!!
  • Colorful Pookalam, lively songs, and delicious feast. Complete it with prayers to have a blessed year ahead till the next Onam festival. Happy Onam!
  • Happy Onam. On this joyous occasion of Onam, I wish you joy and good health, and may you always enjoy the bounty of nature!
  • “Wishing that King Mahabali blesses you with all that you desire. Happy Onam! ”
  • The air is filled with joy and zeal. It’s colorful everywhere. Homes are adorned with colorful embellishments. But I hope that Onam is not just about that. I hope that the spirit of Onam fills your heart with happiness and fulfillment.
  • May this Onam bring to you, the brightest and choicest happiness and love you have always wished for! Onashamsakal!
  • Wishing you a life as colourful as pookalam, as festive as this Onam festival, and as prosperous as the bountiful harvest. Happy Onam to you!
  • “This Onam, may you be showered with good luck, prosperity, and happiness. Have a wonderful Onam”
  • One more Onam is coming to remind us of Maveli’s golden rule. Let me take the pleasure to wish you and your family a happy Onam festival! I wish that next year, I’ll be there to celebrate this celebration with you. Have a blessed Onam!
  • On the occasion of Onam, I pray that your life is filled with abundance, happiness, and success. Onam greetings to you and your family.
  • On this festive occasion, I extend my warm wishes to you and your family. May you all be blessed with happiness and prosperity in your life. Onam Greetings to you and your family!
  • I may be miles away, but the spirit of Onam will always stay in my heart. So, let’s celebrate this Onam festival with heart and soul. Happy Onam to you!
  • The Onam Celebration is an occasion for people to remind themselves of the all-pervasive nature of the divine. I wish all your family members and especially you, a Happy Onam & Tiruonam!
  • We celebrate Onam to commemorate a glorious past. All of us yearn for a time like that of King Mahabali, a time when prosperity, joy, and love blended. But to realize this dream, we need to put forward creative and sustained effort. Giving, sharing, loving, and celebrating together – that’s the essence of Onam. May this year’s Onam celebration bring more fun to you and your friends and family. Happy Onam!
  • On this festive occasion, I pray that the spirit of Onam fills your heart with joy! Wishing you a life full of happiness, prosperity, and satisfaction. Happy Onam!
  • May Maveli thampuran visit your home and bless you on this auspicious day. May you have the most wonderful Onam celebration with your friends and family. Happy Onam!
  • On the happy occasion of Onam, may you have an abundance of joy in your life, good health, and immense prosperity. Wishing you and your family a happy Onam.

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